Saturday, 5 August 2017

How to get sea urchin wana spines out - My Way

Hello everyone!

I have this sudden urge to share my experience with wana spines in my foot. I will spare the nasty pictures so don't worry. The reason why I wanted to share my experience is because I have been reading up on how to remove it, and it seems like its a lot of work and I found out a better way to do it! So here goes!

So who doesn't know what sea urchins look like - here you are. Long spiny little things, usually on rocks or bottom of the shallow sea.

Story behind it: I got my injuries from swimming during my trip in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Its not that I am not a very good swimmer, its just that I forgot the sea is one scary place. Walrus and I wanted to experience swimming in the open ocean once, that is not a beach and so we did. I panicked when the waves pushed me one time, when I was trying to get on top of a rock. But I slipped... and I ended up touching the ground and I panicked because I know I wasn't supposed to do that in an open ocean. I did not feel the pain until I managed to sit on the rock. I wanted to move to another rock because I was so close to sitting on a tiny sea urchin (just next to my butt oh good lord) and I felt a sharp pain on my right toe. I prayed to the good lord hoping it was a scratch but then I saw little black dots in my skin. After that, Walrus got scared after seeing the injured toe and we moved to the beach. And just so you know, when you tell people about it over there, they find it VERY NORMAL. So do not panic!

When I got back to the accommodation, I told my host and she was very very nice. She don't speak much English (normally its her son hosts the guests but he wasn't around) and she seemed like she knows how to get rid of these things. Her method: So she gave one small cup of olive oil, a bunch of needles, cotton pads and a cloth. She told me to soak my wounds in olive oil for like 30 minutes to let the skin absorb it to make it soft. So I took about more than an hour trying to take those wana spines out. I managed to get 2-3 out but it got too painful because you keep poking into your wounds. Just remember to sterilise those needles with boiling hot water before using them. I didn't manage to take out the rest because I had to go for dinner and it was too painful anyways. And I slapped some antiseptic cream after that.

This was when I was doing it at our accommodation's balcony and Walrus didn't know how to help so he took a picture of me. He kept volunteering himself but I know it was going to be super damn painful if he does it and he's the type to ask me to suck it up and deal with the pain. SO NUH UH.

I came back to the UK with wana spines still in my toe. It was painful when its pressed on but other than that its fine. That was why I wore slippers back to the UK and people don't usually do that cause UK is always raining and cold - even in the summer. I kept these wana spines for a month now. I can see that my skin healed over the wounds. And I tried one more time - using needles and hot water etc. And I managed to get 1 out after that. And I left 2 more, I guess its not that easy. So I leave it be for a month. And then I realised that it got black and red and it has small bumps over it. Its painful when I wear shoes. Its even more painful if I wear heels. So I was like, a bit reluctant to dig em out with a needle again and also going to the doctors to remove it professionally.

My way: So here goes. I should have thought of it from the beginning! I slapped some generous amount of Vaseline on them and wear socks and sleep with it. At first, I just thought that I needed to soften the harden bumps. But the next day, walking all day at home in socks, and when I removed my socks, the tip was just right out there! I just used the nail clipper to pull it out gently. But there was one really painful one, the last one, was infected. I knew it was gone the moment I saw it all red and super bumpy. I removed some pus out of it, but I know the spine was still in there. I put some antiseptic cream that also has local anesthetic, and slept with it. And just now (like 10 minutes ago), I was watching some shows while tending to my infection. Removing the pus is like popping a pimple, it has blood and those white/yellowish thingy. I kept squeezing it with my nails, just to reduce the infection. Then little did I know, I squeezed the wana spine out! And HALLELUJAH.

I thought I was going to live with them but it kept bothering me because there were small bumps on the wounds. And it hurts whenever I pressed on it or wear shoes. And one time, I bumped into a chair and hitting the wounds, and goodness me, it hurts like a mofo.

So guess what, its out! WOOO! That's all!

Good luck to you guys out there!

Until then!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Update so far...


It has been a really long time right? I want to do a short update from where I left off since Barcelona, Spain post. I have some time to spare right now and I thought of watching a movie before calling the night off, but then, all of a sudden, I was like, "Hey, usually when I have some free time, I'll be blogging by now. OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BLOG?!" So I went to check my statistics, expecting that my blog is pretty much dead, but I guess not! There are some views while I was away! So YEAH.

THINGS TOOK AN UNEXPECTED TURN. I thought of not doing the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) as my postgraduate diploma (that is what I think it is...). SO yeah, things had been really busy. I left a lot of unfinished posts (now drafts) and I don't think I will get on to it anymore! HAHA. It was to cover on my Summer Trip this year. It was 2-3 months long! I only got home end of July. I was traveling straight after my exams ended. And I tell you... A LOT has happened. Good or bad, it was a marvelous experience. Life is not all about colours and flowers, I'm sure there will be rain and typhoons as well. Nevertheless, it was irreplaceable, truly one of a kind.

So yeah! I graduated from University of Liverpool with honours, mind you! So I should update my status now, not that anybody cares but yeah! Paid half a million of ringgit for one PIECE of PAPER. Yes, I am proud to say I survived law school and I cannot believe that I am continuing it! Some of my friends just finished what they've started and doing things they like now. Like acting, marketing, business, journalism, event planning etc. It is amazing, you know. Law school is no joke. A Levels in Law as well. I have to say, it is my 5th year doing law now. Oh right, I am now doing BPTC in Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). Pretty close to my second home, Liverpool.

I never thought that I'm in BPTC now, to be honest. I thought I was done for good right after my degree. BUT NOOOO, my family needs a lawyer in their home haha, a certified one too. So I thought of doing Certified Legal Practice (CLP) back in Malaysia. But when BPTC application opened last year, my family and friends encouraged me to apply and see how later. They said that at least I keep my options open when the time comes. SO HERE I AM.

A little advice to those who were unsure, IT IS ACTUALLY OKAY TO BE UNSURE. Just do whatever you can to keep your options open and DECIDE LATER.

At first when I enrolled to MMU, it was very unexpected that we had classes right after registration. We started one week earlier than the rest of the students. I thought I had that one week to settle down and unpack my things, make myself feel like home in a new place. But life is not always so colourful, as I have already mentioned haha. So you have to adapt as soon as possible to this new environment. Never in my life has talked and socialised so much in that week. When I get home everytime, I just feel like shutting down. Well, except if Walrus is around then I'll be complaining to him about my days. HAHA. So yeah. And it seems like I was not the only one who had second thoughts to do the Bar. I was like thinking to myself, "man, this is not for me." and also "this is really difficult!".

Then I thought of my family, my future husband and myself.. "Is this really what you are going to be? Giving up so quick? Think about your future, and be grateful you're here right now!" SO yeah, I was giving motivational thoughts to myself. That first week, which was a cold water to our faces, to be honest, I had a rough week. And my family and Walrus weren't free at that time too. I had NO ONE. I had to deal with this on my own. DON'T BE ASHAMED knowing that you can't take this on your own. The strongest people are the weakest people too. I have to admit, I have always been pushing myself, telling everything will be okay, but heck this time, I am just telling people that I had a rough week and I'm barely hanging on tight and things are NOT okay. ALWAYS remember that your family and friends are there for you, and seek for their comfort. It really helps. And heck, I didn't know that until I experienced this first hand. I didn't know how much we need support in life.

And I felt much better after I talked to family and friends. So much better. I am very grateful. They say the beginning is always the hardest. BUT not when it comes to relationships la, that's always been the best part actually! So yes. I realised that we shouldn't let negative thoughts consume us. I am a very positive person, but last week, it is very obvious that there was a grey-black-ish aura surrounding me. So, my point is, don't please, don't think that this is bad. Its healthily good too. Wrongfully right. Rightfully wrong. Ever heard of that? People have emotions. But just don't let it consume you entirely. Start the day new with a fresher and happier mind set. I remember Walrus said this to me couple of times, "the only easy day is yesterday." and that made a lot of sense, because you managed to survived through that day.

Yes, the beginning is the hardest. But that is the time you learn more things and see if you can put that into use the next day. That's what BPTC is about. You learn a lot in a day. You will get put down a lot. Because they want you to improve quickly, because this course is only 9 months, time will pass by in a flash, I assure that to you. I am becoming an adult full with responsibilities very soon. I will no longer be a student if I get this right. And heck, I want to do this right. I really want to. I failed once back in A Levels, and it was not a good feeling to go the same things all over again. I really want to do that. I am that type of person, I work really hard but things do not come easy for me. No matter if I work hard or not, it seems like the universe is just making it difficult for me. It is quite unfair. But it is all on me. But then, I kept telling myself, "you know girl, you're probably not the only one feeling this way. And you should be happy learning new things as you go." Heck, I talk to myself a lot. I have to be my own cheerleader. And that is normal! Since now you're reading this, knowing that you're not the only one so don't feel scared!

And guess what, I am listening to music often now. It keeps me from reality seeping into my thoughts. It makes me happy too, listening to music after one whole day of just talking and listening. But go listen to those really meaningful songs la, motivational ones especially hahah. Not emo or heartbreaking songs, that'll just put you down further haha.

In a nutshell, I just wanna do good. I seriously wanna do good. For a better future and Walrus is part of the reason why I wanna do good. We are now doing things for us. So his support was really something. And I was honest to him, telling him that this course is really taking a toll on me, and I will 100% depend on him. I mean not to pass my exams but I will require more emotional support than usual. The best part? He said if its not for BPTC, he will do it for me, for the rest of my life. And told me I shouldn't worry so much. And heck, this guy is making me think, "what the heck did I do to deserve such a man?". I am grateful.

SO! Eat well, stay well, do well. And remember to make lots of friends, and have fun. It is my  second week, and I think I got a hang of this already! Baby steps!

Until then!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Barcelona, Spain For 5 Days!

Hello everyoneee! This post is mainly on Barcelona, Spain (well, duh that's the title of the post) from 27th January until 31st January. We booked this trip just right after we came back from Budapest. YUP, no joke. We thought of going to Poland, Switzerland and Paris but Spain seems to be more promising so fast game we booked everything after confirming everyone's timing. Nicole was still back in Malaysia and she booked it herself after she got the confirmation from us. Some couldn't make it because their exams were until the 29th January. And classes starting around 1st February and I know most of them skipped the first week of classes just to go on a holiday because some of their exams ended pretty late.

Day 1

So who made it? The JJSW + Nicole! SO its JJSNW. HAHAH. We were worried because of the odd number but actually, it wasn't so bad le!

 At the bus stop. Nicole looked pretty tired. I know some of them finished their paper straight away come to the bus stop. That's how we make full use of the days we have in the UK hahah.

 Jesper came late and luckily for him, the bus to the airport didn't come on time haha. He was damn tired too that day because he finished a paper too and he took a nap.

 The bus ride was hellish for me because I had terrible motion sickness. Some more had to gossip with the girls ah, damn hard because I have to face them and it feels like its going backwards. It took us about 30 minutes or so with a lot of stops in between. A lot of middle to high schoolers took the bus. Got one ASIAN girl so pretty!

 It was my very first time taking off at Liverpool John Lennon Airport! It looks pretty empty though. I heard they are quite lenient at the immigration point. BUT hell, it was so strict. They only allowed us to have one zip lock bag each person and it has to be the standard zip lock bag and not anyhow size. That's the worst. We had to rearrange our things and we mixed everyone's things here and there just to get 'em checked. Plus, always go early. These things do take a lot of time.

We had a little hiccups too before that because there were mistakes on our names and because of that Siow and I have to fork out £260 for the amendments. I felt like I deserved the punishment too because I realized the mistake the moment Walrus forward the flight information to me but I didn't do anything about it - thinking that it will be a small amendment when I check in or I can change it when I check in online but NOOOO, don't ever do that. What a heavy price to pay, honestly and these terms and conditions are so unfair! That money can be used for another trip you know. If anything, they have this 24 hours grace period after the booking is made. Easyjet charged us is reasonable but Ryanair, omg, cannot la ya £160 each person. I sent several complaint letters but they just apologized that's it. I just don't get it. HAIH.

Done ranting haha.

Oops, blur. A blur picture is still better than no picture at all! Look at everyone's faces, they look so happy wtf. That time I was feeling so depressed lol. I sent a sorry-sad-face picture to my mom. And she sighed as well, asking me since when I make this kind of mistakes because I'm usually the one booking all these things for the entire family. But it wasn't me who booked... Let's close that chapter la ya!

 After the amendments, we got separated. But there was an empty seat beside me and Siow came and sit with me. Plus I sat near the exit door so the leg room was pretty spacious haha (not that I need it). The person beside me was quite nice, I was talking to myself and he actually replied me hahahahahahha. The air stewardess too was nice, she was very patient with me la that time. Not bad.
Another HTHT session with the Siow again!!

Reached safely after 2.5 hours. Immigration was a breeze, they didn't even ask me anything nor look at me properly. They just stamped my passport as if they own a fruit stall and they're cutting fruits like nobody's business.

Collecting the luggage. Apparently Nicole's luggage was too big to put into overhead compartment. So this was me trying to connect to the wifi but to no avail. SIGH.

GOT INTO THE BUS. I think it's a shuttle bus from the airport to the city centre. I don't remember how much we paid for it because Walrus paid for all of us. It took us about 15-20 minutes? Not that far actually.

Since Spain is known for their pickpockets and what not, we were quite guarded. Even that Walrus brought a rape whistle + mini flashlight and he gave it to me. Then I said, "I think you should give it to Siow, she's so tiny, anyone can just grab her and go just like a sack of flour." LOLOL. Siow kept it btw and thank god she didn't use it during the entire trip.

 Got to the subway and bought this T-10 ticket. Its quite confusing actually. Apparently, it can be used 10 times, and funnily, we got 5 person and so it can be used to and fro. Which makes everything easier. We accidentally bought a single ticket for everyone but it cannot be used and I'm guessing that it has to do with the zones applicable to the tickets.

And then, we got stuck on the other side lol. Walrus was the only one who got to the other side. 

I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL that Nicole came with us because her camera is soooo useful during this trip. So I focused more on the video and she focus more on taking pictures. But the terrible thing is that her camera is quite heavy, so she's always bringing her camera bag.

Finally got to our destination. Got this place from Air Bnb, pretty cool loft honestly. Some more so clean and tidy plus it looks so new too! This is taken from the entrance. There's the sofa bed + living room. Got this place for £160 so each of us £32 for 4 nights. Here's the link!

Then you downstairs via the spiral staircase, there's a double bunk bed so cool wtf. 

The kitchen and toilet is on the left side. Pretty spacious and ngam ngam for the 5 of us. Gerson is the host, his English is very good and he's really helpful. We asked if we can drink the tap water but he said its unsafe but we don't see any kettles at home... And he actually went back home and got his own one and lent it to us! He lives nearby the loft so its pretty convenient. Apparently, he owns a few lofts the same row also lol.

Ordering food was quite hard because all of the shops are closed after 8pm and we arrived about 9-10pm? If I'm not mistaken. So Gerson suggested that we order food form Just Eat and guess what, everything is in Spanish. Because of that, I've learned a little Spanish HAHHAA. Forgot now liao. So we managed to order pizzas for dinner/supper.

That's all for Day 1.

Day 2

 The next morning was an early one too. Look at those pizza boxes haha, so nice we throw our trash out because the bin cannot fit. We were all waiting for Nicole to lock the doors haha.

 Funnily, we dressed so warmly thinking that it's summer in Spain but no le, still a little chilly! I don't know how Nicole can wear as if she's in Malaysia !

 Our train from our loft. La Sagrera - Meridiana. 

  OOTD while waiting for our subway. 

 It's very common to have pickpockets in the Metro (basically, almost everywhere in Europe) and we were being very cautious that day because we caught two suspicious ladies surrounding us. Because from one end, they come near us, a bit not logical. I saw them giving signals to each others also lol. But then, we kept our personal belongings very close to ourselves so nothing happened la.

Even Siow popped her sunglasses out already wtf haha. Its sunny but it still felt chilly.

 This was when we waited at Plaza Catalunya (the main city centre) for the walking tour. Trying to find the red umbrella everywhere but failed to spot them! Walrus got frustrated lol, thought we missed it because the meeting time is 10:30am.

 We tried to ask everyone, including the tourist information but they kept pointing somewhere that we don't even get it lolol. Her Spanish accent was thick for us to understand her English too. 

 Nicole, Jesper and Siow went to buy all of us breakfast while Walrus and I went to look for the walking tour guide but failed! So we gave up the moment they came back with the food and we just ate right there and then.

 Walking halfway, saw some gelato and I got crazzzyyyy! This is Fraggi - Super Premium Ice Cream. The service was terrible, I don't understand why they don't let us try the flavours. I don't look like some cheapo that is getting some free mouthfuls of ice-cream okay.

 In the end, I will also buy. I got Mandarin Orange, if I'm not mistaken. 

 I ditched my sausage McMuffin and just eat my gelato or was it ice-cream.

 If you realize, Nicole only takes in one angle and the guys kept making fun of her. She's not used to the camera taking videos so she thinks I'm taking pictures. She's so alert whenever the camera is pointing towards her direction you know! 

 I got super paranoid one time, I kept holding my purse and phone in my hands at all times and it got annoying. Then I left my purse and passport with Walrus after that hahah. I brought a small chain bag but I still got paranoid.

OMG, will you just look at this!? Isn't it beautiful? You can see some of pictures quite nice one - means they are from Nicole's camera.

Yup, you got it right. The famous Casa Batlló designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. We just call him Gaudi for short. Siow said it looks like dragon scales. But it looks more like skeletal like don't you think? We didn't get to go in for the tour because the queue was crazy (from the tour groups) and we decided not to go in after all.

 HAHA, I got crazy when I saw clams but everyone said it's too expensive and we weren't that hungry that time. SEAFOOD SEAFOOD.

This picture damn random lol. I remember I was explaining to Jesper what split ends are and I had to show him and that Nicole don't know doing what, busy becoming the next ANTM lolol.

 Walrus, being the tour guide as usual, explaining to us how long more to reach to the next destination and also explaining what we will be going to do the whole day. But too bad, no one was listening. Everyone will sure ask him again, "where we going again ah?" hahahah and I was busy taking video.

 See, no one listening lolol.

 OMG OMG OMG Sagrada Familia! Out of nowhere, there lies the basilica. We were so mesmerized by it until we stayed outside busy taking pictures and what not for 20 minutes or so.

 We all looked so damn happy. Memories memories.

 The boys.

 Finally we decided to queue up to go in the basilica. 

 And took several pictures while waiting some more.


Mine. It's €16 for students so always bring your student card! 

 Will you just look at this beauty. This is right behind. The entrance to go in have to make one whole round.

 Lol at Jesper's face HAHAHAA.

Took a groupfie with the oh-so-famous Sagrada Familia.

 This is the entrance feat Nicole Tan, hahaha. 

 Got a lot of Koreans that time you know, all very stylish. Got them to help us take a group picture!


The holy crypt where lies the famous and genius architect of Antoni Gaudi.


 After 20 minutes staring in awe, we went out and continued down to the left for ....

 MUSEUM. Learn how the basilica was made in the past and the work done before that and also the plans. A MUST VISIT. I didn't take much pictures in the museum... so yeah.

We got out and saw some magnets for sale! Only €1 each. But I think it can be cheaper la ya! 

 Of course, we got hungry. So we simply decided to eat nearby the basilica. We only went into this one because this was the only restaurant the waiters didn't kacau us to look at their menu and also because the waitress is an Asian hahahaaaha. It's Taberna Rincón de León.

 The moment everyone connected to the wifi and we haven't even ordered anything. I only use the wifi to check in on Swarm.

 Tortilla de Patatas with bread topped with tomato dips. It was just meh, seems like they just heated up in the microwave. I can make a better one though haha!

 And of course, we had to try their mixed paella. 

Choosing paellas must be wise because the taste is all depend on the ingredients they used. Like chicken, seafood and what not. Always choose the seafood! The food seems to be average but it filled our tummies well.

 And then Walrus got this huge cravings for churros and we simply went into one corner shop called Friss Cafe. 

 AND DON'T EVER BUY THEIR CHURROS - it was damn terrible and its damn expensive! Because of these churros, we didn't have any more cravings for churros.

And then... 

WE GOT SOME GELATO AGAIN! Siow said Arlequino is one the famouse gelato stores in Barcelona. And hell yes, it tasted damn good and the service was amaze-balls. I took strawberry and pistachio I think. And it was jizz. I sound like Yvonne lol.

 And then we got bigger plans. We went further up North West until the end of the city map that we had.

 Then Siow thinks she's a superstar, with the leather jacket and sunglasses. 

 We kept going further and further. LOTS OF STEPS and steep roads.

 Just keep walking and walking...

 Eh, "nice view", everyone thought, halfway walking then took a picture.

 Rest a while, taking in the view and all that.

 YEAH, I'm sure everyone knows where we went to! Parc Guell! This is the stone cross on the top of Parc Guell marks its highest point and the view was just FUYOH.

Climbing up again. Thank goodness me I didn't wear short skirts...

 And most of them are afraid of heights. YOU SEE NICOLE LOLOL.

 Apparently, this guy is not afraid to live dangerously on the edge... Nicole was damn restless when she saw this lol.

 Of course, we had to take pictures because we deserved it!

  WTF LOLOL. Group picture.

 THEN I SAW A CAT, HOW CUTE! What an asshole, give me that idgaf look.

  Walking back down and surprisingly, we were all listening to Jesper and looking at the direction he was pointing at. Yes, normally we would just ignore him because he's always making unnecessary jokes, puns and statements.

THEN I SAW THIS CUTIE LIL' PIE! Reminds me so much of Ah Fook not because of the breed but her personality. Always running, hyper and genuinely friendly!

And as you can see, I was taking so much of my time giving my love to her. And yes, she was the highlight of my day. She also attracted a lot of people's attention because of her personality. Running wildly but still looking the cutest thing alive. OMGGG.

Going down to Candyland as how Siow described Parc Guell. 

Before that, souvenir shop! Just right opposite the Parc Guell! Everything's nicer there, honestly, I never seen anything like it and I don't think you can find anything like this in any other shops. But they are very expensive. FULL STOP.

This is the Candyland aka Parc Guell we wanted to visit but then we were waiting until 6pm so can have free entry lolol, we cheapskate that way.

In the meantime, we went to walk around, explore the entire park (well, at least we tried) and Nicole got fascinated by these holes on the walls and forced Jesper to take a picture for her..

And this is the result. LOLOL. 

Another funny story: while all of us were walking and just enjoying the damn walk and then suddenly Nicole screamed really, really loud and she jumped away from that thing that scared her. Because of her terrifying (or rather, terrified) scream, everyone reacted very differently. Siow, who was beside her, shouting: "What!? What!? What is it?!" Jesper just stunned kei one side. Walrus also got shocked and mentally preparing himself before this very thing that scared Nicole to death and me..? I was shouting to Walrus, "Let go of my hand! Let go!" (because I wanna run away lol) but he wouldn't let go because he was stunned. And guess what was the thing that scared Nicole to her dying days? 

It was an earthworm. Not even 2 inches long. -.- 

And then, she still had the nerve to tell Moses (her boyfriend) that night when she was Skyping him that Siow screamed when she saw the earthworm hahahah. We all thought it was bees or something because we were walking through the park and it was quite dark that time too because the sun was setting.
Finally, we got to go inside without any entry fee, just to take a picture with this colourful salamander. They say your wish will come true if you touch it or something. 

Then its bye bye to Park Guell.

It was a far ride away from the city centre. 

Waiting for Nicole and Siow to finish taking OOTD shots.

It was really cold that night. And finding dinner was pretty difficult because we couldn't decide. Plus, I had terrible gastric after taking picture with the salamander. Then I ate some chocolates they bought in some store, well, I was all good after that. So a tip: chocolate helps.

Finally, we decided on Port-Vell Restaurant! Remember this name well. There were other similar restaurants like this too - an entire row of it that was why it was so damn hard to pick one and thank goodness we chose this one because from what I know, this restaurant has been for over 3-4 generations and from the owners to the cooks to the waiters, they're genuine local people because they said other restaurants are a fake because most of them are owned and cooked by foreigners like Pakistani and all.

Luckily for us, they got set menu (they call it chef menu) only for €18 each person, and you got a few choices to choose from your starters to your desserts to your drinks. Everyone chose house wine instead of water haha. THAT Jesper had the nerve to choose water instead of house wine wtf and we all scolded him. Then he changed. Because of that, we got two bottles of wine! Their house wine: Nuviana, Chardonnay 2014. Decent. 

We all ordered different things so we get to try everything. Siow's: mussels! 

Complimentary bread and pickled olives!

I forgot what was mine called. Its actually cured veal meat. And goodness me, it tasted so good! 

Jesper's: seafood and veggie tartare.
I believe this was the fish soup; Nicole's and Walrus's.

CHEERS woopeee!

Main course! Nicole's vegetarian paella.

My pan fried salmon.

Walrus's seafood paella!

Highlight of the night: Siow's seafood noodle paella. ONE OF A KIND and it tasted so damn good!! 

Jesper's chicken. 

And some lovely entertainer that night! The waiter helped me to take this picture hahah! Apparently, he was really good and he played some of Walrus's favourite Spanish songs, so he tipped him. 

BEST NIGHT EVER. The owner popped us some free (YES, FREE) champagne!

I was shocked, I mean who does that?! Some more he's so NICEEE. I mean just look at his smile.

It wasn't some super expensive champagne but the gesture meant everything to me. HOW GENEROUS. Who doesn't like free stuffs anyways!

And then, the desserts came. 

We chose all three common ice-cream flavours and 2 home made desserts. 

So that was our dinner. IT WAS AMAZING. 

Feeling a little too early to go home, we went out to look for a place to chill.

And here we are, Black Dog. Walrus so the nice helped us order some of our favourite drinks. Gin and tonic for me, rosé wine for Nicole and Siow. The guys drank draft beer.

That was all for Day 2! We went home with happy tummies!

Day 3

Day 3 was a tough one for us because not many of us slept well. I think the bnb place no fengshui, everyone kept waking up middle of the night hahaha (no joke). This time, Nicole wore a bit warmer.

Finally get to try the froyo at the train station! Nothing to shout about, but I shouldn't complain. Froyo is life. What is life without froyo?

The famous street of La Rambla!



Its all about that food and everything else yummeh! Tip: they got free wifi here and its pretty quick too!

Breakfast! Look at Siow's face. Drooling already. Pointing at the puff pastry to daddy.

And ate like nobody's business.



Of course we had to try the seafood bar hellooooo. Very hard to get a place to sit because our group damn big.

BUT WE ASIANS. So of course, we got a place for all of us!

Got the seafood grill platter and it tasted AMAZINGGG. Who doesn't like seafood hello.

The entrance and some friendly ass dude photobombing my picture.

And these people suddenly taking pictures of me. I know I'm a celebrity la hahah!

Suddenly while I was walking and I saw a guy stalking me. 



Where are we? Gothic Quarter! Lies in the centre of the old city of Barcelona.

Everyone's doing their own things. Most unnatural one: Nicole. HAHAHA.



I heard Singapore brought it in first then Malaysia copy meow. And I didn't get the chance to try it at all! And I don't know why the queue in Malaysia one was like fuckingggg long - never ending. But in Barcelona, there's no one you know. Okay, hands down, llao llao makes the best froyo I ever tasted. Not too milky nor sour. JUST NICE.

Then they had this thing going on. 

 And apparently, someone said Picasso drew that when he was 7-10 years old. Jesper was like, "I'm better than him le wahliao."

 Here we are at Catedral de Barcelona aka the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia.

Just came all the way here to take a few pictures then ciao. HAHAHA. Need money to go in I think.
Then toilet break. Sneaked around to take this picture of my boss.

THEN BABOOM, suddenly so happy. You know why?

Well, because this place she saw on TV and has always wanted to come and try. And finally, she's here! I present to you: Les Quinze Nits.

Got Sangria for everyone yayaya.

 Looks so damn high class you know!

 It was a little cold but they got provide throws for us, so it was bearable. They say they cannot switch on the heater because they're saving for night time. Oh well.

 Well, Siow ordered the tapas. I don't even know what they're called. All I know they tasted good.

 THE REAL JIZZ. Black squid ink paella! The provided garlic sauce complimented so well with this you know! It was 9/10 definitely!

The seafood paella was just meh, nothing to shout about. 

Then I bought gelato at La Rambla street. AND NEVER AGAIN I'll buy from that store again. The lady was so rude and the service was just fucked up. I didn't even eat the gelato because I was so angry. Walrus had to finish it for me.

Then everyone calmed me down by getting me an Amorino...

 And I became depressed that there was no mango in it, the lady didn't hear me! BUT better than the the the previous gelato lady one. UNACCEPTABLE. But everyone handled my anger pretty well, I realised.

 And then, we all fell asleep at Spehora hahaha. 

 Then it was already night time! We walked all the way to Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya aka National Museum of Catalan Visual Art.

The view from the top! The whole reason why we wanted to come is for the Magic Fountain right below but it was not working at that moment. They were renovating that area. How unlucky!

There were people sitting there (most of them were young adults) drinking, singing and dancing the night away since there were a lot of entertainers there too trying to earn a few bucks (and he did, quite a lot) and also people selling beer cans individually - I also can do that sial.

Then we entered into a metro station + shopping mall. It is somewhere near Placa d'Espanya.

And got some Amorino again and sadly there was no mango! I think I know why I got really fat after this trip. 

AND THEN IT WAS DINNER TIME. Another Siow's recommendation because she saw it on TV. Remember this name: Ciutat Comtal or Ciudat Comtal.

Waiting outside in the cold for 30 minutes can be frustrating but with the right company, there shouldn't be any problems.

FINALLY. Everyone playing with their phones, trying to connect to the wifi.

Friendly staffs, great company...

and got wine also, what more you could ask for?

Siow chose everything. TAPAS TAPAS TAPAS. Spanish dimsum! And the pasta salad was amazing. 

And this king prawns sold by sticks okay. One stick €2-3? I don't remember. BUT IT WAS SO GOOD.


And this came.

They break the eggs and started to toss it. Just like fried chips but keropok style. It looks pretty easy to make? Just the chips only.

FOR DESSERT; we got this super 3-5 different texture of chocolate and it was amazinggg. Recommended by the waiter.

Creme Brulee aka Crema Catalana. Jesper seemed to like this but it was just normal. Walrus hates it lol because of its creme.

Ordered another wine to bring home! HAHA. It was a fulfilling night!

We took it easy that night, just playing games and a little bit of HTHT. And yeah, I brought a deck of cards some more lolol. That's the end of Day 3!

Day 4

 Woke up pretty early and we took our time to get ready because there was no rush. The girls took their time choosing their clothes and we got to wear new clothes from yesterday's shopping. Nicole wore my coat and I wore Siow's coat.

 Then it was deciding on what to eat for breakfast. So we chose this: Venda de Cafe. 

 It was filled with a lot of old people because its a Saturday morning, so everyone don't have work I guess. What a chilling Saturday morning.

 Everyone's making a lot of weird faces here. Especially the guys hahah.

 Most of them had baguette that morning and I ordered random tapas. 

 Their hot chocolate was amazing! Nicole's order. But have to drink while its hot if not then not nice already.

 The tapas took so long I also don't know why, it looks like its very easy to make. But have to understand also because its a Saturday morning and full house somemore. The food was nothing much, so don't bother. Simple breakfast, but I think we can do better. Because it wasn't cheap also.

 That day we planned to go to the outlet store but the bus ride is damn expensive!! I think it was €20 each person and we forego it. Thought we could look around but not worth it, pay so much for the bus ride.

 Give some sayang to the Siow. Clearly, she was rejecting me.

 FINALLY. We get to try the tower of llao llao. We asked them how to pronounce llao and its actually jiao jiao hahahaha we all started laughing. OMG WE DAMN BAD. We just stick with llao llao la okay.



 But not for long!

 Siow likes hers plain and simple. The tower got a lot of fruits and what not la, I still prefer the classic one, get more of the froyo.

 Then we were back here again because...


 No la, Jesper wanted to have some oysters and I think we chose the wrong one la because the guy didn't really shucked properly and its still filled with seawater. Not fresh?

 Then we were back here again, wtf.


 Walked down from La Ramble street.

 Saw this tall monument and the first thing Nicole said was, "OMG NAPOLEON". HAHAH, everything also has to do with Napoleon la. This is Estatua de Colom aka Columbus Monument of Christopher Columbus. It was constructed in honor to Columbus first voyage to the States. 

 Its actually really big when you get closer. You can see people climbing it to take pictures especially the lions. 

 And then, we get to see Port Vell, a waterfront harbor. Not the restaurant haha. 

 Joined the girls to take in the view together gether. 

 There was a circus in town! 

 Crossed the road and they got left behind and we sang Adele's song lol.

 Then the girls got attracted to this sinful mofo.

 And actually got one...

 Haha, this was when I stood middle of the road to take a picture of the street and Walrus was like, "Come quick, got car coming!" and hence, this picture.

 Finally, we got to the beach! I present to you: Barceloneta Beach. Nicole's wish to come here. Been postponing since day 1 hahaha. 

 Just imagine when its summer time... This place is gonna be packed like sardines in a can.

 The water of course, is damn cold!

 First time I go to the beach and its cold. Normally its warm under your feet. But its cold cold cold.

 They have a place for you to wash your feet so its all good hahah.

 And my personal bodyguard made sure I was carried to the bench so I won't have to dirty my feet again and helped me to clean up before wearing my shoes.

 Sat there and just watched the sun sets.

 Cotton candy skies! Walrus Meng went there to take a picture of the lone ship haha. 

 And then, it was night time. Saw this place, pretty cool place. It seems it was rated 5 stars in Trip Advisor. I saw the certificate some where...

 Vioko don't only sell gelato but they sell chocolates, macaroons and what not. Mostly, sweets.

 Happy girl is happy. Got the banana split flavour and it was amazing! NOT BAD. YUMYUM.

 Walking around to find a place to eat...

 One full row of restaurants. Some of them can be aggressive sial. Made us take the menu and name card. Cannot la ya. 

 Ended up coming back to the same place haahhahaha!

 And its very obvious we enjoyed it very much. Even the waiters and owners recognized us. Welcomed us heartily.

 This time we tried other things. We got order chef menus but not for everyone because we know what is good already.

 Siow ordered some tapas. Some potatoes, anyone?


 RAZOR CLAMS. But it was overcooked so... chewy sikit la ya.

 Got the noodles paella back!

 I'm pretty sure this was the seabass... Look at em grills!

 They treated the girls like princesses! They only gave the girls the wifi passwords and gave us some FREE coffee shots too. But of course, we shared them with the guys after taking a few sips.

 I thought the on-the-house champagne was a one time thing but apparently not! They serve to all of their customers! That night was free flow for us lol, kept topping up for us.


 All of us got pretty high on Snapchat filters until my phone no battery sial and I think we kinda spammed em too so I think everyone got confused lol. 

 Going home tipsy. 

 And someone got drunk! HAHAHAHA. 

 Of course, I meant the two of them! The rest was history. What happened in Barcelona stays in Barcelona.

 I'm glad we got home safely, no pickpockets and any other misfortunes. When we got home, someone *ahemnicole* said she's super hungry and whined the entire night. The guys went out to buy food and from what they said, I know they went through a lot of troubles just to find a convenient store. This was Walrus waiting patiently for the instant noodles to cook - he was actually staring at it so intensely lol. I laughed when I saw this and sneakily took a picture. HAHAH.

I don't mind that they bought chips but they went to buy drinks also omg, it was damn hard to finish all of them. And one of them was pretty strong. Extra malt or something. We HTHT and played games that night haha because... it was our last night in Barcelona!

That's the end of Day 4!

Day 5

 It was our final day in Barcelona and we brought our luggages (is that even a word?) along! We thought of keeping them in our accommodation but logically, it's not gonna work because we didn't want to go back all the way to La Segrera and come back to town again because we will be taking the Aerobus to the airport.

 So we managed to find a place to store our things! Just in town. Its called Locker Barcelona. So easy peasy. But they close at 9pm la, so don't leave them there ah.

 Then we decided to have some breakfast and we saw this really "nice" restaurant called Cuines (!!!) and we got lured in by their set menu for like €9? But we actually got conned lol. We thought we could just order 3 sets instead of 5 sets but they wouldn't let, I don't know why, I kept asking for explanations but this waiter thinks he's all that, telling me not to talk to other waiters because he's the manager here or something. I was like what the actual fuck. There was no sense of respect and I didn't like how he treated me and his own colleague who happened to work there just recently. The rest felt like we shouldn't be treated like this as their customers, so we just left. Paid for one water bottle for €2. CIBAI. The waiter/manager also seem to be happy to get rid of us. I didn't argue with them or anything, I was just asking nicely, just to confirm on the orders because what they said outside and the menu they gave us inside were different. 

 Well, it looks like this, that is all I can tell. 

 Then we just settled for these kind of food. Not cheap also le okay. I think they purposely gave us a different menu.

 Seems like a typical Spanish breakfast...? I don't know lol. We simply chose one place to eat. 

 And then, its adventure time!

 Okay, I know it was stupid of me I didn't take note of this shop's name. I straight away went inside and got some of their good looking and affordable pastries. I know its along Carrer de la Princesa. 

And someone had to steal my food. 

So we ended up at Passeig del Born, the weather was damn good plus the entire place filled with so many people. So we took a lot of photos here.

Can't believe I had another Farggi's gelato. Its not that good though but just felt like having something to eat lolol.

Got churros also because the last churros we had was terrible. I realized my hair looks so nice that day hahaa.

After the pit stop, we went to queue up for...

Picasso's museum! Its free so hehe. I think its on a Sunday that's why. But we can only enter at 15:15.

Then there's like a souvenir + bookshop inside the building.

And all of us started to read....

And got pretty comfortable too. So basically, the museum was really something. I preferred his old works compared to his modern works. But its a worth to go for. Because it tells you about his life and how his interest shifted quite drastically every season lol. The most memorable one was the "fish" and a girl la. You HAVE to see it. 

Then we saw this really pretty shop with a lot of interesting things on sale while on the way to...

Arc del Triomf!

We asked this Swiss gentleman to help us to take a few pictures for us because I saw his DSLR and his interest peaked when he saw Walrus's Nikon FM film camera and he seems to know how to use it very well. Then he explained that he used to have the entire collection that cost about 20K USD but he said it was all stolen. And will you just look at his daughters, two of them so pretty sial.

Trying to finish our leftovers from yesterday so we camped there and watched a lot of people doing their own things until sundown. It was such a good day.

And then, it was dinner time. Went to try some Asian restaurant: Red Ant.

First thing everyone did: connect to the wifi. 

The password was really hard to crack because their handwriting is damn difficult to decipher. But I was the first one to crack it. HOHOHO. After I did it, everyone was like looking at me like flies just found the smelliest shit ever to be on to.



Bibimbap stole the show la that day. It was better than anything else we ordered.

Pork belly ramen.

Overall, the bibimbap was the best. I didn't enjoy my ramen very much. Not much pork taste. 

Then... it was going back home time :(


Kuli of the day, Jesper Koh and his mistresses.

Nicole didn't get to sit with us because she booked and checked in earlier than us. 

LOLOLOL, my personal kuli. 

Straight away come home then everyone started to play their phones because got data already. Going home was a bit hard because we had to take a black taxi after that. I don't even know why I go call Delta and checked Uber. But all of us got home safe la, that's all it matters!

So that's all on Barcelona! I had a lot of fun! I wanted to get espadrilles but then quite unlucky la because several times we went there, they were on break or they're closed. SOHAAAI. We could've used that extra days to go to other cities. But then, I'm glad with Barcelona la. I know I spent about £250 hahahhaa fuck. I said £150-200 but then, overspent. DIAO. But I don't mind spending money on traveling rather than materialistic stuffs (for now lol if got extra money then get la ya).

Thank you for reading! 

What to expect next? 

Until then! HAHA.